Students’ Union Advice Service

Students’ Union Advice Service

Many students find that they need advice, information or help throughout their time with St Martin’s.

Students can also be spoilt for choice about who they go to for help or information. The Students’ Union provides a number of services across the three main campuses of Ambleside, Carlisle and Lancaster – but why should you come to us?

Any service provided by the Students’ Union is independent from the College. So you can talk to us about anything without worrying about what tutors might think. We keep to a policy of confidentiality and are honest in our responses to your enquiries.

There are links throughout this page which will take you places you want to go!

If you have questions about any of the academic aspects of the College, click on the link below to take you to the Advice Service Pages. Here you will find information about making a complaint and stage meetings to give just a couple of examples.

Academic Issues (Advice Service)

There is information about other things you might want to know – like accommodation information, guides to dealing with stress for example.

Happy & Healthy!

Each page you look at will give you links to what we think are other useful bits of information.

If you think there is other information we could include – let us know. Click on the Contacts Link to get in touch.

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