London certainly isn’t short of events that feature fireworks, but what event is most suited to your desires? Follow our guide and the decision will be made simple.

Age-old ceremonies

Beating the Retreat is an evening event in London that includes fireworks and music. It also features an evening with numerous bands, pipes and drums to get the night started the right way. The event is supported by the Army Cadet Force.

In the past, this evening has been described as ‘unforgettable’ due to the amount of fun and excitement that occurs. A member of the royal family will attend the show where the salute will be taken by them.  See what else is happening.

Buy your fireworks online & receive free delivery

By going to a fireworks display that has been set up by somebody else, you are watching a display that they wanted to create, and may not necessarily have been what you wanted to see. Why don’t you have your own extravaganza and purchase your fireworks online, then you can begin the real show.

The Fireworks Shop in Preston has all kinds of fireworks for sale online all year round and they are suitable for any occasion. Their products include rockets, barrages, selection boxes, fountains and the list continues! Either way, they will have fireworks in stock that suit your every need. Before planning your display, check the important delivery information.

In addition, they also offer advice regarding storage, using and discarding of all fireworks. You can receive free delivery on orders over £250. Call 01772 877860.

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